The Rules of Kabaddi 2023: Everything You Need to Know Kabaddi

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Last Updated on June 28, 2023 by Wenivesh Team

Kabaddi, a fast-paced and exciting sport, which is very simple to understand and does not require lots of accessories with you to play the game as your healthy body is enough for playing Kabaddi. Originating in ancient India, it is now played competitively in various countries and has even become an official sport in international events like the Asian Games. If you’re new to kabaddi or simply curious about the Rules of Kabaddi, this comprehensive guide will provide you with everything you need to know to fully understand and enjoy the sport.

6 Simple Rules of Kabaddi

The Rules of Kabaddi are set in such a way that it will be simple and easy for the players to understand, follow and implement them in their play. We have simplified these rules of kabaddi in six steps which are as follows.

1) The Objective of Kabaddi:

The objective of kabaddi is for a player, known as the raider, to cross into the opponent’s half of the court, tag one or more defenders, and return to their half without being tackled or caught by the defenders. Each successful raid earns points for the raider’s team while the defenders aim to stop the raider from scoring.

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2) Teams and Players:

A kabaddi match consists of two teams, each with seven players on the court. The teams take turns as raiders and defenders, and the aim is to score more points than the opposing team by the end of the game.

3) The Court:

The kabaddi court is a rectangular playing area divided into two halves. The court dimensions are 13 meters wide for men and 10 meters wide for women, with a length of 10 meters beyond the playing area on each side.

4) Gameplay:

The gameplay of Kabaddi is divided into two parts which is raiding and defending. Every player excel in these gameplays of Kabaddi through practice and he either becomes a raider or a defender or may become both depending on his or her choice.

4.1) Raid:

A raid begins when a raider enters the opponent’s half, chanting “kabaddi” repeatedly, to take a breath and return to their own half within a specific time limit. During the raid, the raider must touch one or more defenders and return without being caught.

4.2) Defending:

The defending team, on the other hand, must prevent the raider from returning to their own half. Defenders can tackle the raider by grabbing any body part below the neck and bringing them down. If the defenders successfully catch the raider or the raider steps out of bounds, the raider is declared out, and the defending team earns a point.

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5) Points and Scoring:

The every sport is played for winning and for deciding whose going to win we have to give points as per the rules of the game. Similarly Kabaddi is a sport in which every team has to gain some points either through raiding or defending.

5.1) Raiders:

A raider scores a point for their team by tagging a defender and safely returning to their half. If the raider manages to tag more than one defender in a single raid, additional bonus points are awarded.

5.2) Defenders:

Defenders earn a point for their team by catching the raider and preventing them from returning to their half.

rules of kabaddi 2023

6) Additional Rules and Fouls:

Sports are surrounded by some rules and regulations which make sure fair play and creates belief among the system. Kabaddi has some rules which every kabaddi player has to follow and play within these rules of kabaddi.

6.1) Bonus Line:

During a raid, a raider must cross the bonus line, which is a line parallel to the end lines, to earn additional bonus points. Failing to cross the bonus line results in no bonus points being awarded.

6.2) Super Raid and Super Tackle:

If a raider manages to tag three or more defenders in a single raid, it is known as a super raid and earns extra points. Similarly, if the defenders successfully tackle three or more raiders in a single raid, it is called a super tackle.

6.3) Timeouts:

Each team is allowed two timeouts per match, which they can use strategically to discuss tactics, regroup, or plan their next moves.

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6.4) Fouls:

Certain actions are considered fouls in kabaddi, such as crossing the boundary lines, touching the lobby area, or holding onto the defender for too long. Fouls result in points being awarded to the opposing team.


Kabaddi is an action-packed sport that demands skill, strategy, and agility. By understanding the rules and intricacies of the game, you can fully appreciate the thrill of kabaddi matches. From the objective of the game to scoring points, this guide has provided you with a comprehensive overview of the rules of kabaddi. So, whether you’re a spectator or a potential player, it’s time to dive into the world of kabaddi and witness the high-octane action that this captivating sport offers.

We hope you are loving our efforts and finding our blog on the rules of kabaddi interesting and knowledgeable to read.

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