Naveen Polishetty Age, Height, Wife, Girlfriend, Family, Facts & More

In the realm of Indian cinema, where talent shines bright, Naveen Polishetty has carved a niche for himself. From his impeccable comic timing to his versatile acting, Naveen has become a household name. In this blog, we delve into the details of Naveen Polishetty age, height, family, and more, providing you with an insightful glimpse into the life of this remarkable actor.

Naveen Polishetty Biography

Born on December 27, 1989, in Hyderabad, India, Naveen Polishetty is an actor and comedian who has made his mark in the Indian film industry. With his roots in the world of theater, Naveen’s journey to the silver screen has been nothing short of inspiring.

Naveen Polishetty Age and Height

As of 2023, Naveen Polishetty age is 33 years old. Standing at a commendable height of 6 feet (183 cm), he possesses a towering presence that adds to his on-screen charisma.

Naveen Polishetty Age, Height, Wife, Girlfriend, Family Overview

NameNaveen Polishetty
ProfessionActor, Comedian, Writer
Date of Birth20 May 1989
Place of BirthHyderabad, India
EducationB.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from SRM Institute of Science and Technology
Notable WorksMovies: Jathi Ratnalu, Miss Shetty Mr. Polishetty, Web Series: Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya, Loser
AwardsBest Actor – Critics’ Choice Film Award (Telugu) for Jathi Ratnalu (2021)

Naveen Polishetty Family

Behind every successful individual, there is a support system, and Naveen is no exception. The details about his family are relatively private, but it is known that they have been an unwavering source of encouragement throughout his career.

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Naveen Polishetty Movies

Naveen’s journey in the entertainment industry kick-started with his venture into theater. His theatrical background equipped him with the skills needed to captivate audiences, leading to his foray into the world of cinema.

His breakthrough came with the 2019 hit film, “Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya,” where he played the titular role of a quirky detective. The film not only showcased Naveen’s acting prowess but also established him as a bankable star in the Telugu film industry.

Following this success, Naveen went on to impress audiences with his roles in movies like “Jathi Ratnalu” and “Chhichhore.” His ability to seamlessly transition between comedy and drama solidified his position as a versatile actor.

Naveen Polishetty Wife And Girlfriend

Naveen Polishetty Wife And Girlfriend

When it comes to Naveen Polishetty age his personal life, he has maintained a low profile. Details about his romantic life, including information about a wife or girlfriend, are not readily available in the public domain. Naveen seems to prefer keeping his personal life away from the media glare, focusing instead on his craft and career.

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FAQs: Naveen Polishetty Age, Height, Wife, Girlfriend, Family, And Facts

Q: Is Naveen Polishetty married?

As of the latest available information, Naveen Polishetty’s marital status remains undisclosed, and there are no reports of him being married.

Q: What is Naveen Polishetty’s latest project?

Stay tuned for updates on Naveen’s upcoming projects as the actor continues to explore diverse roles in the world of cinema.

Q: What is Naveen Polishetty’s height?

Naveen Polishetty stands at a height of 6 feet (183 cm).


In conclusion, Naveen Polishetty’s journey from the theater to the silver screen has been one of dedication and talent. As he continues to enthrall audiences with his performances, fans eagerly await the next chapter in his illustrious career.

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