May I Have This Dance: A Song of Romance and Remixed Melody

In the realm of music, certain songs possess an enchanting ability to evoke emotions, transport us to cherished moments, and kindle the flames of romance. One such timeless masterpiece is “May I Have This Dance.” In this article, we’ll delve into the heartfelt lyrics of this captivating song, explore its emotional resonance, and provide you with the complete lyrics for both the original version and a specially remixed rendition, allowing you to experience its magic from different perspectives.

Exploring the Lyrics:

“May I Have This Dance” is a lyrical gem that reaches deep into the soul. Crafted by Zach Condon and performed by the indie folk band Beirut, its poetic and evocative lyrics extend a heartfelt invitation to a world of love and connection. Let’s break down the essential elements of the lyrics:

The Tender Invitation:

The song opens with the lines, “Majestic just like standing in the moonlight / Watching all the empires falling.” These opening words set the stage for an invitation brimming with profound sincerity, akin to the act of asking someone for a dance—an intimate moment that can be both vulnerable and exhilarating.

Metaphorical Dance:

Throughout the song, dancing serves as a poignant metaphor for a profound connection between two souls. “Oh, how long till you surrender? / Oh, how long can I last?” These verses convey a sense of longing and anticipation, mirroring the emotions experienced in romantic encounters.

Unveiling Vulnerability:

The song further unfolds with the lines, “Every face along the boulevard / Is a dreamer just like you.” These lyrics remind us of our shared humanity and the universal yearning for companionship. They underscore the idea that we are all dreamers, seeking love and connection in our lives.

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The Enchanting Melody:

Beyond its lyrical brilliance, “May I Have This Dance” boasts a melody characterized by gentle acoustic guitar strums and Zach Condon’s soul-stirring vocals. This melody amplifies the emotional impact of the song, creating an experience that lingers in your thoughts and tugs at your heartstrings. It’s the perfect accompaniment for those cherished, romantic moments.

May I Have This Dance Complete Lyrics:

[Verse 1] Majestic just like standing in the moonlight Watching all the empires falling

[Chorus] I’m in the courtyard Scented in the rain of falter

[Verse 2] Innocence empires falling

[Chorus] How long ’til you surrender? How long can I last?

[Verse 3] Every face along the boulevard Is a dreamer just like you You looked at death in a tarot card And you saw what you had to do

[Chorus] But nobody knows you now When you’re dying in LA

May I Have This Dance Remixed Lyrics:

[Verse 1] Beneath the moonlight’s tender sway, We dance like stars that light the way.

[Chorus] In this courtyard, love takes its stance, In the downpour of a sweet romance.

[Verse 2] Innocence, our hearts recall, As we surrender to love’s sweet thrall.

[Chorus] How long till our spirits entwine? Lost in the magic of love’s design.

[Verse 3] In every face, we find a kindred soul, Dreaming together, we make love our goal. In a tarot card, our fate is clear, Two hearts united, without a fear.

[Chorus] In this moment, love sets us free, Bound together in sweet harmony.


“May I Have This Dance” transcends being merely a song; it’s an invitation to connect, a reminder of our shared humanity, and a poignant expression of romance. Its lyrics and melody blend seamlessly to create a lasting impression, rendering it a timeless favorite for those special moments on the dance floor or in the realm of love. The next time you encounter this song, allow it to sweep you away on an emotional journey filled with romance and heartfelt connection. And with the remix, let the magic of music take you to new heights of passion and love, offering a fresh perspective on this enchanting composition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the artist behind “May I Have This Dance”?

The song was written by Zach Condon and performed by the band Beirut.

2. Is there an official music video for this song?

Yes, there is a captivating music video that complements the song’s romantic theme.

3. Which album features “May I Have This Dance”?

The song is part of Beirut’s album titled “No No No,” released in 2015.

4. Has “May I Have This Dance” been featured in any movies or TV shows?

While it is not a common choice for soundtracks, the song’s emotional depth could make it suitable for romantic scenes in film or television.

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