Zomato Share Price History, Current Price Live, Targets and Risk

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Last Updated on September 24, 2023 by Wenivesh Team

In this article we have discussed about Zomato share price history and Zomato latest news, price etc.

Investing in the stock market can be a risky ride, especially when it comes to the dynamic world of technology and food delivery platforms like Zomato and especially when it is related to the Zomato share price history which is nothing but a risky roller-coaster ride.

Zomato Share Price Today Live

As of the latest available data, Zomato share price today stands at INR 99.80 per share. It’s worth noting that share prices can fluctuate rapidly in response to market conditions and investor sentiment, so it’s important to keep an eye on the latest developments.

Zomato, an Indian-based online food delivery company, has been making waves in recent years, capturing the attention of investors and consumers alike. In this article, we will delve into Zomato’s share market performance, providing an overview of its stock price trends and shedding light on the factors that have influenced its growth.

Zomato Share Price Chart

The Zomato share price chart reflects the performance and trajectory of one of India’s leading food delivery platforms with the help of Zomato share price history. As investors eagerly track its movements, the chart provides valuable insights into the company’s market trends, growth potential, and overall financial health.

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Analyzing the Zomato share price history chart can help investors make informed decisions and gauge the sentiment surrounding the company. Whether it showcases a steady upward trend or experiences fluctuations, the chart serves as a vital tool for understanding Zomato’s stock performance and its position in the dynamic food delivery industry.

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Zomato Share Price History

The Zomato share price history unveils the journey of this prominent food delivery platform in the stock market over time. Examining the historical price moveme95.60nts allows investors to assess the company’s past performance, identify patterns, and gain valuable insights into its market dynamics and investor sentiment.

Sep 22, 202399.9099.50101.4098.7039.49M0.76%
Sep 21, 202399.15100.00100.9598.2540.59M-0.85%
Sep 20, 2023100.00101.30104.9099.30104.12M-2.10%
Sep 18, 2023102.15103.60105.00101.6569.48M-0.78%
Sep 15, 2023102.95100.50104.45100.35148.85M3.52%
Sep 14, 202399.4598.65100.1098.2045.23M1.58%
Sep 13, 202397.9098.75100.7597.0071.66M-0.86%
Sep 12, 202398.75102.40102.5096.5090.91M-2.57%
Sep 11, 2023101.35100.00102.5599.2083.85M1.76%
Sep 08, 202399.60100.75101.1099.0063.48M-0.45%
Sep 07, 2023100.0598.65101.6098.20111.22M1.88%
Sep 06, 202398.2098.4098.8597.6528.33M0.00%
Sep 05, 202398.2098.1599.3097.0551.13M0.15%
Sep 04, 202398.0597.5098.6097.3037.45M0.87%
Sep 01, 202397.2098.3098.3596.8547.56M-0.41%
Aug 31, 202397.60100.05100.8096.70113.06M-2.20%
Aug 30, 202399.8099.50100.5097.20250.11M5.39%
Aug 29, 202394.7092.7595.0092.6086.71M2.54%
Aug 28, 202392.3596.0096.1091.75141.12M1.48%
Aug 25, 202391.0093.3593.3590.0565.08M-2.99%
Aug 24, 202393.8095.7595.7593.2047.60M-0.53%
Aug 23, 202394.3092.9595.0092.0564.77M2.61%
Aug 22, 202391.9090.3094.3090.10104.41M2.40%
Aug 21, 202389.7590.5090.5088.3036.76M0.45%
Aug 18, 202389.3591.0091.4089.0050.51M-1.97%
Aug 17, 202391.1592.3093.2590.5045.66M-0.82%
Aug 16, 202391.9092.4595.6091.5076.33M-0.92%
Aug 14, 202392.7593.4093.4091.3546.67M-0.75%
Aug 11, 202393.4594.6095.2093.0538.16M-0.85%
Aug 10, 202394.2594.1096.1593.2587.60M0.16%
Aug 09, 202394.1093.9094.8591.60109.24M0.70%
Aug 08, 202393.4598.35100.3092.70160.24M-4.25%
Aug 07, 202397.6097.40102.8596.35249.33M2.31%
Aug 04, 202395.4089.0098.4088.40405.75M10.23%
Aug 03, 202386.5581.6088.4081.60123.48M1.76%
Aug 02, 202385.0584.4585.9582.6554.85M0.35%
Aug 01, 202384.7584.6085.7084.2034.95M0.77%
Jul 31, 202384.1087.0087.1583.7049.09M-3.11%
Jul 28, 202386.8085.6087.2583.8574.80M2.18%
Jul 27, 202384.9583.3586.1082.8077.25M1.92%
Jul 26, 202383.3583.1084.6082.5059.29M0.85%
Jul 25, 202382.6581.3083.2079.3072.46M1.66%
Jul 24, 202381.3080.8082.4580.5564.29M1.25%
Jul 21, 202380.3077.8080.6577.4574.90M3.35%
Jul 20, 202377.7078.0079.0577.3040.46M0.06%
Jul 19, 202377.6579.0080.3577.2542.13M-1.33%
Jul 18, 202378.7080.6580.6576.5071.22M-1.81%
Jul 17, 202380.1583.2083.4079.5043.38M-2.91%
Jul 14, 202382.5584.0085.2581.6591.57M0.43%
Jul 13, 202382.2077.8584.5077.65192.60M6.06%
Jul 12, 202377.5077.5078.8077.1564.21M0.91%
Jul 11, 202376.8075.0577.0074.9042.95M2.67%
Jul 10, 202374.3073.5575.5573.5533.79M1.43%
Jul 07, 202373.4074.5074.5573.0026.58M-1.81%
Jul 06, 202374.7574.4575.2574.3024.47M0.95%
Jul 05, 202374.0574.8575.1073.7025.46M-1.00%
Jul 04, 202374.8075.8076.2074.5024.15M-1.12%
Jul 03, 202375.6575.4577.2574.5549.24M0.80%
Jun 30, 202375.0575.0075.4574.0049.25M0.20%
Jun 28, 202374.9077.0077.0074.6030.58M-1.64%
Jun 27, 202376.1575.1576.9574.8559.08M1.74%
Jun 26, 202374.8574.1575.2573.8030.41M0.94%
Jun 23, 202374.1573.9075.3072.5551.78M-0.27%
Jun 22, 202374.3575.5075.8573.6540.42M-1.00%
Jun 21, 202375.1076.1077.3574.6531.90M-0.99%
Jun 20, 202375.8576.0076.4074.8030.59M0.00%
Jun 19, 202375.8574.6077.0074.1062.75M1.88%
Jun 16, 202374.4575.5576.0073.9045.78M-0.87%
Jun 15, 202375.1074.5076.1073.1093.32M1.35%
Jun 14, 202374.1078.3078.4573.2583.19M-5.36%
Jun 13, 202378.3077.9078.8076.7081.86M0.45%
Jun 12, 202377.9578.3080.3076.50105.39M0.45%
Jun 09, 202377.6077.0578.0075.8577.28M2.37%
Jun 08, 202375.8074.8076.3573.7088.01M1.74%
Jun 07, 202374.5072.5075.0072.4067.87M2.97%
Jun 06, 202372.3571.5573.1571.3564.76M1.54%
Jun 05, 202371.2571.3072.1569.6084.08M0.14%
Zomato Share Price History

Following its listing, Zomato’s share price history has experienced significant volatility. The stock reached an all-time high of INR 167 ($2.24) per share in October 2021, driven by positive market sentiment and increased investor interest in the food delivery sector. However, like many growth-oriented technology companies, Zomato share price history faced downward pressure in the subsequent months as profit-taking and concerns over valuation set in.

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Zomato Share Latest News, Price Targets & Forecaste

Keeping up with the latest news, price targets, and forecasts is crucial for investors interested in the Zomato share. As one of India’s leading online food delivery platforms, Zomato has attracted significant attention from investors seeking exposure to the booming food tech industry. In this article, we will dive into the latest updates surrounding Zomato, analyze the current price targets set by market analysts, and provide a glimpse into the future with forecasted trends.

Staying informed about the latest news, price targets, and forecasts can offer valuable insights for investors looking to make informed decisions regarding Zomato’s share. As the company continues to innovate and expand its services, the market’s sentiment and the dynamic food delivery landscape will play a crucial role in shaping Zomato’s future. By staying up to date with the latest developments and forecasts, investors can better navigate the exciting journey of investing in Zomato and potentially seize opportunities for growth in this evolving sector.

Factors Influencing Zomato’s Share Price

Growth Potential: Investors are closely monitoring Zomato’s ability to expand its operations both domestically and internationally. As a leading player in the Indian food delivery market, Zomato has been aggressively expanding into new cities and diversifying its services to include grocery delivery, cloud kitchens, and more.

Competitive Landscape: Zomato faces fierce competition from both domestic and international players in the food delivery space. Rivalry with companies like Swiggy, Uber Eats, and Amazon Food has put pressure on Zomato to continually innovate and capture market share.

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Regulatory Environment: The food delivery industry is subject to various regulatory frameworks, which can impact Zomato’s operations and profitability. Changes in regulations, including those related to delivery fees, restaurant partnerships, or data privacy, can have a significant influence on the Zomato share price history.


Zomato share price history has witnessed both highs and lows since its IPO, reflecting the volatile nature of the stock market. Investors should be aware that investing in individual stocks carries inherent risks, and thorough research and analysis are crucial before making any investment decisions.

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For more detailed information about Zomato Ltd and other stock market companies visit NSE official website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zomato?

Zomato is an Indian-based online food delivery and restaurant discovery platform. It connects users with a wide range of restaurants and enables them to order food for delivery or takeout. Additionally, Zomato provides restaurant reviews, ratings, menus, and other relevant information to help users make informed dining choices.

Is Zomato a publicly traded company?

Yes, Zomato is a publicly traded company. It made its debut on the Indian stock market through an initial public offering (IPO) in July 2021. Its shares are listed and traded on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) in India.

What is Zomato’s market presence?

A: Zomato Operates In Several Countries, Including India, Australia, New Zealand, The United Arab Emirates, Qatar, And More. It Has A Significant Market Presence In India, Where It Is One Of The Leading Players In The Online Food Delivery Industry. Zomato Has Also Expanded Its Services To Include Grocery Delivery, Cloud Kitchens, And Restaurant Table Reservations.

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