Zilingo Co-founder Ankiti Bose Files FIR Against Former Colleagues Alleging Fraud and Coercion

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In a startling development, Ankiti Bose, co-founder and former CEO of the renowned fashion e-commerce startup Zilingo, has taken legal action against her former colleagues. Bose filed a First Information Report (FIR) accusing Dhruv Kapoor, her co-founder, and Aadi Vaidya, the ex-COO, of serious offenses including cheating, criminal intimidation, conspiracy, and harassment.

Zilingo Co-founder Ankiti Bose Files FIR Against Co-Founder

The crux of Bose’s complaint revolves around allegations of coercion and fraud. She asserts that Kapoor and Vaidya manipulated her into relinquishing her shares and control of the company through deceitful means. Bose claims that Vaidya misrepresented loss-making deals, falsely attributing them to her, and even extended trade credit in her name without consent.

Furthermore, Bose paints a picture of deceit and betrayal, alleging that Kapoor and Vaidya engaged in clandestine behavior, hiding vital company information from her. She describes feeling threatened and deceived, with errors maliciously attributed to her to facilitate the fraudulent acquisition of her shares, which are valued at a significant sum.

zilingo founder ankiti bose
Zilingo Founder Ankiti Bose

The FIR filed by Ankiti Bose against Dhruv Kapoor and Aadi Vaidya has sparked widespread interest and concern within the business community. Authorities are currently investigating the allegations, aiming to shed light on the intricate web of deceit and coercion alleged by Bose.

For now, the future of Zilingo hangs in the balance as the legal process unfolds, leaving many to ponder the implications of this shocking turn of events for one of the leading players in the fashion e-commerce industry.

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