Pushpa Impossible Cast & Story Of SAB TV New Serial – A Tale of Determination and Resilience

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Here we will be discussing about the Pushpa Impossible the latest SonyLIV series and giving you the names of Pushpa Impossible cast and its story.

“Pushpa Impossible” is an Indian television drama series produced by Jamnadas Majethia under Hats Off Productions. The show premiered on June 6, 2022, on Sony SAB and is also available for streaming on SonyLIV. The series has garnered acclaim for its heartwarming story, strong female lead, and positive messages. It has also achieved commercial success, consistently ranking among the top shows on Sony SAB.

Pushpa Impossible Of SAB TV Serial Overview

ShowPushpa Impossible
ChannelSAB TV
Telecast17 January 2022 – Present
Production CompanyHats Off Productions
CastKaruna Pandey, Darshan Gurjar, Naveen Bawa, Sarika Bahroliya, Gaurav Sharma, Ankit Siwach, Ashish Dixit
PlotA sitcom about a single mother named Pushpa who is trying to raise her son Chiku while also running her own business. Pushpa is a strong and independent woman who is not afraid to stand up for herself or her family.
PopularityPopular sitcom on SAB TV, has won several awards
Known ForHumor, heartwarming stories, positive portrayal of women
AudienceIndian audiences of all ages

Story of Pushpa Impossible

The series centers around the life of Pushpa Randeriya Patel, a 45-year-old single mother from Patan, Gujarat. Pushpa is the mother of three children: Ashwin, Chirag, and Rashi. Following the death of her husband, Dilip, who was involved in fraudulent activities, Pushpa is compelled to move to Mumbai with her children. Her primary objective is to provide them with a quality education and a brighter future.

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The series boasts a diverse ensemble of characters and unfolds against the vibrant backdrop of Mumbai. This diversity authentically reflects the modern Indian society and adds depth to the storytelling.

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Pushpa Impossible Cast & Story

Pushpa Impossible Cast

The success and emotional impact of “Pushpa Impossible” owe much to its talented ensemble Pushpa Impossible cast, each of whom breathes life into their characters:

  • Karuna Pandey Vaidya as Pushpa Randeriya Patel: Karuna Pandey Vaidya leads the cast with her compelling portrayal of Pushpa Patel, a determined single mother. Her performance captures the essence of Pushpa’s strength, love, and unwavering commitment to her children.
  • Naveen Pandita as Ashwin Patel: Playing the role of Ashwin, Pushpa’s eldest son, Naveen Pandita brings depth and warmth to the character. Ashwin’s supportive and caring nature is brought to life through his performance.
  • Deshna Dugad as Rashi Patel: Deshna Dugad embodies the character of Rashi, Pushpa’s daughter. Rashi’s independence and intelligence shine through Deshna’s portrayal, making her a relatable and inspiring character.
  • Darshan Gurjar as Chirag Patel: Darshan Gurjar takes on the role of Chirag, Pushpa’s younger son. Chirag’s charm and ambition are skillfully depicted by Darshan, adding depth to the character.
Pushpa Impossible Cast And Crew

The supporting cast includes:

  • Garima Parihar as Deepti Parikh: Garima Parihar portrays Deepti, Ashwin’s wife, bringing complexity and depth to the character.
  • Tulika Patel as Radha Limaye: Tulika Patel plays Radha Limaye, Pushpa’s neighbor, contributing to the richness of the series’ social dynamics.
  • Mansi Jain as Sonalben Parikh: Mansi Jain takes on the role of Sonalben Parikh, Deepti’s mother, adding depth to the family dynamics within the series.
  • Sarita Joshi as Bhairavi Mehta: Sarita Joshi’s portrayal of Bhairavi Mehta, Pushpa’s friend, adds warmth and authenticity to the story.
  • Jayesh More as Dilip Patel: Jayesh More’s portrayal of Dilip Patel, Pushpa’s late husband, serves as a pivotal element in the series, influencing the trajectory of Pushpa’s life.
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This talented and dedicated Pushpa Impossible cast has received critical acclaim for their performances, contributing significantly to the series’ success. Their ability to breathe life into their respective characters has played a pivotal role in making “Pushpa Impossible” a compelling and emotionally resonant show.

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“Pushpa Impossible” is a heartwarming and inspiring series that resonates with viewers due to its relatable characters and uplifting themes. It underscores the idea that with determination, strength, and unwavering love, individuals can overcome challenges and achieve their dreams. This series is a must-watch for those seeking a positive and motivating television experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Pushpa Impossible a real story?

No, Pushpa Impossible is a fictional show. However, it is based on real-life experiences of women who are trying to raise families and make a living in India.

Q: Where can I watch Pushpa Impossible?

Pushpa Impossible airs on SAB TV in India. It is also available to watch online on SonyLIV.

Q: What is Pushpa Impossible about?

Pushpa Impossible is a sitcom about a single mother named Pushpa who is trying to raise her son Chiku while also running her own business. Pushpa is a strong and independent woman who is not afraid to stand up for herself or her family. She is also very resourceful and always seems to find a way to make things work, even when the odds are stacked against her.

Q: Is Pushpa Impossible popular?

Yes, Pushpa Impossible is a popular sitcom on SAB TV. It has won several awards, including the Indian Telly Award for Best Sitcom in 2022.

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