Who Is Pradeep Sharma: Mumbai’s Polarizing Encounter Specialist Killed 112 Gangsters

In the heart of Mumbai’s law enforcement history lies a figure whose name reverberates through the corridors of controversy and intrigue – Pradeep Sharma. A former police officer hailed as an “encounter specialist,” Sharma’s career has been punctuated by shadows of alleged connections with the underworld and a series of high-profile encounters, none more contentious than that of Lakhan Bhaiya.

Who is Pradeep Sharma?

Pradeep Sharma, once a prominent member of the Mumbai police force, carved his niche as an “encounter specialist” – a term that evokes a blend of admiration and apprehension among the populace. His reputation as a relentless pursuer of criminals, particularly in the realm of organized crime, earned him both accolades and admonishments. Despite facing dismissal from the force in 2008 over allegations of corruption and links with the underworld, Sharma made a dramatic return in 2017, signaling the resilience of his influence in Mumbai’s law enforcement landscape.

encounter specialist pradeep sharma
Encounter Specialist Pradeep Sharma

The Lakhan Bhaiya Encounter Case

At the heart of Sharma’s controversial career lies the Lakhan Bhaiya Encounter Case, a saga that unfolded on the streets of Versova, Mumbai, on November 11, 2006. Lakhan Bhaiya, also known as Ramnarayan Gupta, was a notorious figure purportedly affiliated with the Chhota Rajan gang. His arrest from Navi Mumbai marked the prelude to a confrontation that would reverberate through Mumbai’s legal corridors for years to come.

The events of that fateful day culminated in what appeared to be a routine encounter between law enforcement and a criminal element. However, suspicions soon arose regarding the authenticity of the encounter. Allegations of fabrication and staging swirled around the incident, casting a shadow over the integrity of Mumbai’s police force.

pradeep sharma encounter list
Pradeep Sharma

Legal Battles and Life Sentences

Initially acquitted in the Lakhan Bhaiya Encounter Case in July 2013, Pradeep Sharma’s fortunes took a dramatic turn when the Bombay High Court rendered its verdict. Convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for his purported role in the extrajudicial killing, Sharma found himself ensnared in a legal quagmire that encapsulated the complexities of Mumbai’s law enforcement dynamics.

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The case, fraught with intrigue and speculation, implicated multiple individuals, both within and outside the police force. It underscored the blurred lines between justice and vigilantism, shedding light on the challenges inherent in combating organized crime within a framework bound by legal constraints.


As Pradeep Sharma’s name continues to echo through the annals of Mumbai’s law enforcement history, it serves as a poignant reminder of the complexities and moral ambiguities that pervade the pursuit of justice in a metropolis teeming with competing interests and clandestine alliances. The Lakhan Bhaiya Encounter Case stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of one man’s quest for law and order, ensnared in the labyrinth of Mumbai’s criminal underworld.

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