Zakia Wardak Afghanistan Consul General Caught Smuggling 25kg of Gold Worth Rs 18.6 Crore

In a startling turn of events, Zakia Wardak, the Consul General of Afghanistan in Mumbai, has tendered her resignation following a shocking incident at the Mumbai airport. Reports reveal that Wardak, accompanied by her son, was intercepted by Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) officials on April 25th while returning from Dubai.

Zakia Wardak Resigns Amidst Controversy, Diplomat Caught Smuggling Gold

The Diplomat and her son had opted for the green channel, signaling they had nothing to declare. However, based on specific intelligence, the DRI officials conducted a thorough check and uncovered 25 kilograms of gold bars concealed in various parts of Wardak’s attire, including her jacket, leggings, kneecaps, and waist belt.

Despite the gravity of the situation, Wardak, aged 58, was not arrested due to her diplomatic immunity. Nevertheless, she failed to provide any documentation verifying the gold’s lawful origin, raising serious concerns.

zakia wardak afghanistan
Zakia Wardak, Consul General of Afghanistan

In her resignation statement, posted on ‘X’, Wardak addressed the controversies that have plagued her tenure, expressing dismay over the relentless personal attacks and defamation targeting not only her but also her family and relatives. She highlighted the orchestrated nature of these attacks, which had severely impeded her ability to fulfill her duties effectively.

While Wardak anticipated criticism as part of her public role, she admitted being unprepared for the extent of the assaults on her and her loved ones. The coordinated efforts to tarnish her reputation and undermine her work crossed acceptable boundaries, prompting her to prioritize her well-being and functionality.

Despite her dedication to serving her country and fostering positive change, Wardak ultimately chose to resign from her position, citing the need to safeguard her mental and emotional health amidst mounting pressures.

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The resignation of Zakia Wardak marks a significant development in Afghanistan’s diplomatic landscape, raising questions about integrity and accountability within the diplomatic corps. As investigations continue into the gold smuggling incident, the repercussions of Wardak’s resignation are likely to reverberate both domestically and internationally.

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