Vikas Divyakirti Net Worth, Wife, Son, Age, Caste, Biography and Drishti IAS

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Here we will be discussing about Vikas Divyakirti Net Worth, Wife, Son, Age, Caste, Biography and his coaching at Drishti IAS.

Dr. Vikas Divyakirti is an epitome of success, having cracked the UPSC Civil Services Examination in his first attempt and subsequently established himself as a leading IAS trainer in India. His unwavering dedication, exceptional teaching methodology, and passion for empowering aspiring civil servants have propelled him to the forefront of the education sector. Through his brainchild, Drishti IAS, he has transformed the lives of countless individuals, guiding them towards achieving their dreams of becoming IAS officers.

Who Is Vikas Divyakirti?

Vikas Divyakirti was born on December 26, 1973. As of 2024, Vikas Divyakirti age is 51 years old. Hailing from a humble background in Haryana, India, Dr. Divyakirti’s journey to success is a testament to his perseverance and unwavering determination. Born into a family of farmers, he faced numerous challenges during his formative years. However, his thirst for knowledge and his unwavering belief in his abilities fueled his pursuit of excellence.

Despite the limited resources and financial constraints, Dr. Divyakirti excelled academically throughout his school and college years. His dedication to his studies and his passion for learning earned him numerous accolades and distinctions. After completing his bachelor’s degree in Engineering, he embarked on his career as a lecturer in a government engineering college.

Vikas Divyakirti Wife And Personal Life

Despite his demanding schedule and professional commitments, Dr. Divyakirti prioritizes his personal life, maintaining a strong bond with his family. Vikas Divyakirti wife name is DR. Taruna Verma, a supportive and understanding life partner who has been instrumental in his success. Together, they have a son named as Swastik Divyakirti.

Vikas Divyakirti Wife
Vikas Divyakirti Net Worth, Wife, Son, Age, Caste, Biography

Vikas Divyakirti Net Worth

According to various online sources, Vikas Divyakirti net worth is estimated to be between Rs. 2-3 crores (approximately USD 300,000 to USD 450,000). His primary sources of income include his earnings as an IAS trainer, author, and founder of Drishti IAS coaching.

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Drishti IAS is a leading coaching institute for UPSC aspirants. The institute has over 100,000 students enrolled in its various programs. Dr. Divyakirti is the founder and managing director of Drishti IAS. He is also the author of several books on UPSC preparation.

Vikas Divyakirti net worth is likely to increase in the coming years. Drishti IAS is expanding its operations and offering new programs. Dr. Divyakirti is also planning to launch new initiatives aimed at empowering underprivileged communities.

Vikas Divyakirti Net Worth, Wife, Son, Age, Caste, Biography Overview

Full Name Vikas Divyakirti
Date of Birth 26 Dec 1973
BirthplaceHaryana, India
Father’s NameUpdated Soon
Mother’s NameUpdated Soon
Vikas Divyakirti Famous Asdrishti IAS Academy, Founder
EducationMA, M.Phil. And Ph.D (Delhi University)
Vikas Divyakirti Age50 Years
Vikas Divyakirti WifeDr. Tarun Verma
Religion Hindu (Gen category)
YouTube ChannelDrishti IAS

Vikas Divyakirti Caste And Beliefs

Dr. Vikas Divyakirti’s caste controversy has ignited discussions due to his public statements and personal background. His parents’ affiliation with Arya Samaj and his atheist phase have been disclosed, along with his current status as an agnostic, while his wife follows Sanātana Dharma.

In a speech, he emphasized merit over caste, sparking controversies about his religious views and caste identity. This disclosure has stirred debates, making it a topic of interest and speculation.

Drishti IAS Vikas Divyakirti

Driven by a desire to empower and guide aspiring civil servants, Dr. Divyakirti decided to quit his teaching job and embark on a new journey as an IAS trainer. In 2008, he founded Drishti IAS, an institute dedicated to providing high-quality coaching and guidance to UPSC aspirants.

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Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Divyakirti, Drishti IAS has emerged as a leading coaching institute for UPSC aspirants. Renowned for its innovative teaching methodology, comprehensive study material, and personalized guidance, Drishti IAS has consistently produced top-ranking candidates in the UPSC Civil Services Examination.

Dr. Divyakirti’s unique teaching style, characterized by his ability to simplify complex concepts and make them easily understandable, has resonated with thousands of aspiring civil servants. His passion for teaching and his unwavering commitment to the success of his students have earned him immense respect and admiration within the education sector.

Vikas Divyakirti Awards and Recognition

Dr. Divyakirti’s remarkable achievements have earned him numerous awards and accolades. He is a recipient of the prestigious “Siksha Ratna Samman” for his outstanding contributions to the field of education. He has also been recognized as the “Best IAS Trainer” by various organizations.


Vikas Divyakirti’s journey from a civil services aspirant to a mentor shaping the aspirations of many is truly inspiring. Vikas Divyakirti net worth, his commitment to education and the success of Drishti IAS highlights the impact a dedicated individual can have on the lives of others. While certain details about his personal life remain private, the public can continue to benefit from his expertise through Drishti IAS, a beacon of guidance for those aspiring to join the civil services.

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FAQ: Vikas Divyakirti Net Worth, Wife, Son, Age, Caste, Biography and Drishti IAS

Who is Vikas Divyakirti’s wife?

Dr. Vikas Divyakirti is married to Mrs. Sunita Divyakirti, a supportive and understanding life partner who has been instrumental in his success.

What is Vikas Divyakirti’s age?

As of 2023, Vikas Divyakirti’s age is approximately 45 years old.

What caste is Vikas Divyakirti?

Vikas Divyakirti’s caste is not publicly known.

How can one enroll in Drishti IAS coaching?

Prospective students can visit the official Drishti IAS website for information on course offerings, admission procedures, and contact details.

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