Complete Points Table Of English Premier League Season 2023/24

The English Premier League season of 2023/24 has been a rollercoaster of excitement, anticipation, and fierce competition among the top football clubs in England. As teams kicked off their campaigns with high hopes and aspirations, fans eagerly awaited to witness the drama unfold on the pitches across the nation.

From perennial powerhouses to up-and-coming contenders, each club embarked on a journey filled with challenges, victories, and moments of sheer brilliance, all in pursuit of glory and ultimate triumph in one of the most prestigious football leagues in the world.

Complete Points Table Of English Premier League Season 2023/24

The current English Premier League points table for the 2023/2024 season is as follows:

2Manchester City21144351242746
4Aston Villa23144549301946
5Tottenham Hotspur23135549351444
6West Ham United2210663633336
7Brighton and Hove Albion239864238435
8Manchester United2211292832-435
9Newcastle United231031048371133
11Wolverhampton Wanderers228593335-229
14Crystal Palace2366112640-1424
16Luton Town2255123242-1020
17Nottingham Forest2255122740-1320
20Sheffield United2324171959-4010

*Everton has been deducted 10 points following a breach of the English Premier League’s Profitability and Sustainability Rules

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This information is based on the current standings for the 2023/2024 English Premier League season and is subject to change as the season progresses.

The table presents the current standings of teams in the English Premier League after a certain number of matches played.

At the top of the table is Liverpool, leading with 51 points from 22 matches, having won 15 games, drawn 6, and lost only 1. They have scored 51 goals and conceded 19, giving them a goal difference of 32. Following closely behind are Manchester City and Arsenal, both with 46 points but with Manchester City having played one game less. Aston Villa occupies the fourth position with 46 points from 23 games.

Tottenham Hotspur rounds up the top five with 44 points from 23 matches. West Ham United, Brighton and Hove Albion, and Manchester United make up the middle of the table, while Chelsea finds themselves in the tenth position with 31 points.

At the bottom of the table, Sheffield United is struggling, having only managed to secure 10 points from 23 matches, with just 2 wins to their name. Burnley isn’t faring much better, with 13 points, while Everton finds themselves in a surprising 18th position with 19 points.

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As the curtains draw to a close on the English Premier League season of 2023/24, fans reflect on the memorable moments, thrilling encounters, and remarkable displays of skill and determination showcased by their beloved teams. From the jubilation of title celebrations to the heartbreak of relegation battles, this season has left an indelible mark on the footballing landscape, reminding us all of the enduring magic and allure of the beautiful game.

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As the dust settles and champions are crowned, anticipation builds for the next chapter in the storied history of English football, where new challenges await and the cycle of competition begins anew.

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