Day Name List In Hindi And English

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Last Updated on October 24, 2023 by Wenivesh Team

Understanding the days of the week is an essential part of any language learning journey. In this blog, we’ll explore the day name list in Hindi and English to help you grasp the intricacies and similarities between the two languages.

Day Name List in English

In the English language, the days of the week are as follows:

  1. Sunday
  2. Monday
  3. Tuesday
  4. Wednesday
  5. Thursday
  6. Friday
  7. Saturday

These days form the backbone of our weekly routine, with each day carrying its unique significance and often associated with specific activities or moods.

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Day Name List In Hindi

The Hindi language also has its own unique names for the days of the week. Here is the list:

  1. रविवार (Ravivar) – Sunday
  2. सोमवार (Somvar) – Monday
  3. मंगलवार (Mangalvar) – Tuesday
  4. बुधवार (Budhvar) – Wednesday
  5. गुरुवार (Guruvar) – Thursday
  6. शुक्रवार (Shukravar) – Friday
  7. शनिवार (Shanivar) – Saturday

Similar to the English days, these names carry cultural and historical significance and are integral to the rhythm of everyday life in India and other Hindi-speaking regions.

Comparing Hindi and English Days

While the languages may differ, there are interesting similarities between the days of the week in English and Hindi. For instance, the English “Monday” finds its counterpart in Hindi as “सोमवार (Somvar).” Similarly, “Tuesday” corresponds to “मंगलवार (Mangalvar),” and “Saturday” aligns with “शनिवार (Shanivar).”

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Understanding the similarities between the two languages can facilitate the process of learning and retaining new vocabulary, especially when it comes to the days of the week.

Other Words Related 7 Day Name List In English And Hindi

Expanding your vocabulary to include words related to the seven day name list of the week in both English and Hindi can significantly enhance your understanding of these terms. Below, you will find a 7 day name list in Hindi and English of related words associated with each day of the week in both languages:


  • English: Weekend, relaxation, family time, leisure, rejuvenation
  • Hindi: आराम, परिवार का समय, अवकाश, शांति, संबल


  • English: Work, beginning, motivation, fresh start, productivity
  • Hindi: काम, शुरुआत, प्रेरणा, नयी शुरुआत, उत्साह


  • English: Routine, progress, momentum, growth, development
  • Hindi: दिनचर्या, प्रगति, गति, विकास, प्रगति


  • English: Midweek, perseverance, balance, endurance, persistence
  • Hindi: मध्यवार्ता, सहनशीलता, संतुलन, सहनशीलता, सततता


  • English: Preparation, anticipation, advancement, preparation, readiness
  • Hindi: तैयारी, अपेक्षा, प्रगति, तैयारी, तैयारी


  • English: Joy, relief, celebration, excitement, weekend
  • Hindi: आनंद, राहत, उत्सव, उत्साह, सप्ताहांत


  • English: Relaxation, recreation, fun, leisure, enjoyment
  • Hindi: आराम, मनोरंजन, मज़ा, अवकाश, आनंद

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Importance of Days in Language and Culture

The significance of the days of the week extends beyond linguistic boundaries. In various cultures, specific days hold religious, cultural, or historical importance. Understanding these cultural intricacies can provide insights into the beliefs and traditions of different communities.

Learning the day names in Hindi and English not only aids in language acquisition but also fosters a deeper appreciation for the rich cultural tapestry that shapes our world.

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Mastering the days of the week in Hindi and English is an essential step in language learning. By recognizing the similarities and differences between the two languages, learners can enhance their linguistic skills and develop a deeper understanding of cultural nuances. Incorporating these names into your vocabulary can open doors to meaningful cross-cultural interactions and experiences. So, embrace the diversity of language and culture as you navigate the days of the week in Hindi and English.

Hope you love our article on Day Name List In Hindi And English !!

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