Air India Express Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Bengaluru After Engine Fire

Bengaluru, May 18, 2024 – An Air India Express flight from Bengaluru to Kochi made an emergency landing shortly after takeoff last night when its right engine caught fire, prompting a swift response from airport authorities.

Air India Express Flight Catches Fire After Engine Failure

The flight, carrying 179 passengers and six crew members, departed from Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport at 10:50 pm, roughly an hour behind its scheduled departure time of 9:45 pm. Just a few minutes into the flight, flames were observed coming from the right engine, leading to panic among passengers.

Immediate Response and Safe Landing

The flight crew quickly notified Air Traffic Control (ATC) of the fire, triggering a full-scale emergency at the airport. The plane returned to Bengaluru and made an emergency landing at 11:12 pm. Airport fire services were on standby and promptly extinguished the flames upon the aircraft’s arrival.

In a statement, Bengaluru International Airport Limited (BIAL) confirmed, “A full-scale emergency was declared, and the fire was promptly extinguished upon landing. All 179 passengers and six crew members were successfully evacuated from the aircraft.”

Passengers Evacuated Safely

Despite the alarming situation, all passengers were safely evacuated without injuries. An Air India Express spokesperson said, “Due to suspected flames from the right engine after takeoff, the Bengaluru-Kochi flight elected to return and carried out a precautionary landing at Bengaluru. The crew accomplished an evacuation with no injuries to any guests.”

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Passenger Jeffy Cherry described the scene, “After a few minutes, some passengers saw a fire, and everyone started panicking and screaming. The crew remained calm and guided us through the emergency procedures.”

Another passenger, Advocate A. Rajasimhan, recounted, “We felt some jerking after takeoff and saw flashes of fire from the right cockpit area. The cabin crew assured us everything was under control but soon announced an emergency landing. We were instructed to remain seated and calm.”

Airport and Government Actions

BIAL, which operates Kempegowda International Airport, commended the prompt actions of their emergency response teams. The Karnataka State Government, through BIAL, ensured that all necessary protocols were followed to manage the situation effectively.

Recent Technical Issues

This incident is the third technical issue involving Air India flights in recent days. On May 18, an Air India Express flight from Thiruvananthapuram to Bengaluru made an emergency landing at Tiruchirappalli International Airport due to a technical glitch. Additionally, on May 17, a Bengaluru-bound Air India aircraft returned to Delhi after a fire warning from its auxiliary power unit.

Investigation Underway

Air India Express has initiated a thorough investigation in collaboration with regulatory authorities to determine the cause of the engine fire. The airline has expressed regret for the inconvenience caused and is arranging alternative flights for the affected passengers.


While the incident caused significant alarm, the effective response by the Air India Express crew and Bengaluru airport authorities ensured the safety of all onboard. The airline’s commitment to passenger safety remains paramount as investigations proceed to prevent future occurrences.

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