Aadhaar data leak: Shocking 81.5 Crore Indians Biggest Data Breaches In Indian History

In October 2023, a US-based cybersecurity firm, Resecurity, reported that personal identifiable information (PII) of over 81.5 crore Indians, including their Aadhaar and passport details, was on sale on the dark web. The Aadhaar Data Leak was reportedly sourced from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) database.

Aadhaar Data Leak

This is one of the biggest data breaches in Indian history, and it has raised serious concerns about the security of Aadhaar, India’s unique identification number system. Aadhaar is used by over 1.3 billion Indians for a variety of purposes, including accessing government services, banking, and telecommunications.

How Did The Aadhaar Data Leak Happen?

The exact cause of the Aadhaar data leak is still under investigation. However, it is suspected that the data was compromised through a phishing attack or a vulnerability in the ICMR database.

What Information Was Leaked?

The leaked data includes names, phone numbers, addresses, Aadhaar, and passport details of Aadhaar registered users. This information could be used for a variety of malicious purposes, such as identity theft, financial fraud, and targeted phishing attacks.

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What Should Aadhaar Users Do?

If you are an Aadhaar user, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself from the potential consequences of the data leak:

  • Be vigilant against phishing attacks. Phishing emails and SMS messages are often designed to trick you into revealing personal information, such as your Aadhaar number or OTP. Do not click on links in emails or SMS messages from unknown senders.
  • Monitor your financial transactions for any suspicious activity. If you notice any unauthorized transactions on your bank account or credit card, report them to your bank immediately.
  • Change your Aadhaar password regularly. You can change your Aadhaar password on the UIDAI website.
  • Consider enabling Aadhaar authentication with time-based one-time password (TOTP). TOTP adds an extra layer of security to your Aadhaar authentication.
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What is the government doing to address the Aadhaar data leak?

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is currently investigating the Aadhaar data leak. The government has also issued a statement assuring Aadhaar users that the government is taking all necessary steps to protect their data.


The Aadhaar data leak is a major setback for India’s digital identity program. It is important for the government and Aadhaar users to work together to take steps to mitigate the potential consequences of the data leak.

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